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Man Writes Hilarious Break-Up Letter To His Gym

Every dedicated gym goer knows the strong bond that can form between a man and his gym. The right gym will always be there for you, supporting your growth, in good times and bad. A steady, safe place, always reliable. But sometimes, the time comes to go your separate ways, and that can be tough.

Nobody knows this struggle more than Reddit user Robert Scucci. Mr Scucci, a member of Planet Fitness in the US, recently moved interstate, meaning a forced breakup with his gym. After Planet Fitness refused to allow him to cancel his membership over the phone, Scucci put pen to paper in a heartfelt break up letter, that beautifully captures the struggles of man-gym breakups.

“Planet Fitness wouldn’t let me cancel over the phone, and required a certified letter to cancel since I live in a different state now,” he told the world on Reddit. “I dropped this in the mail today.”

The letter really pulls at the heart strings, and plays out like a true break-up, with classic cliché lines and sugar coated let downs. However, the ex, Planet Fitness, has responded graciously, accepting the breakup extremely respectfully and responding with a dream reply.



It’s extremely easy to sign a gym membership these days, and you can find yourself locked into year-long, hard to break contracts with now escape should your circumstance change. Our advice… save this letter for the next time you need to move on from your gym. It will save so much heartbreak.

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