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These Are The 4 Most Dangerous Sex Positions For Your Dong

We have a habit of taking sex for granted. It’s only when we sustain a sex injury do we truly appreciate the true beauty of pain-free loving. And for guys, the injuries aren’t pretty. 


And one of the most common sex injuries for guys? Breaking your dick. Yep, it’s real – and it sounds bloody painful. If you want to read a first hand experience of what it’s really like to break your snap your sex-rod, here’s a full review. Note – it’s not pretty.

Because it’s becoming so common, Brazilian researchers decided to dig a little deeper and find out what the most dangerous sex positions actually are. So before you next get down, think of this list and ask yourself: “is a penile fracture really worth it?”

1\ The Cowgirl Leanback

Just reading the name makes us cringe in pain. While it may feel good for her, this can only spell disaster for us guys. Her angle will bend your dick in the opposite direction which can even lead to permanent curvature whenever you get hard.

2\ Doggy Style

Oh god, not doggy! We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the numbers don’t lie: doggy style is responsible for 29 per cent of all penis fractures. Funnily enough, most guys also consider this their favourite sex position.

3\ The Pogo Stick

Unless you’re super strong and she’s super small, this sex position probably isn’t going to work too well for you. It’s more of a “porn only” position. The danger? Well, if you’re going at it and you drop her, in which direction will your penis go? Exactly.

4\ Girl on Top

And the number one sex position responsible for the most injuries goes to… girl on top. This hot, but deceivingly dangerous position, is responsible for 50 per cent of all penis fractures. See what happens when we give women control of our dick? They break it.

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