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OG Male Supermodel Fabio Shares The Secrets Behind His Luscious Mane

In the ’80s and ’90s Fabio captivated the world with his long, perfectly-groomed locks, and his chiseled physic. He was the sexiest man alive, yet he was so much more.

An embodiment of manscaping before its time, the Italian-American actor racked up so many TV and movie cameos (including an inspired bit in Zoolander) over the four decades since he started modelling at age 13, that you must have seen his face. And if not on a screen, then most probably on one of the dozens of romance novels with covers that boast his tastefully displayed pecs. So when we were given the chance to talk to the 61-year old, we knew exactly what we needed to ask.

MH: Fabio, how have you maintained such luscious hair?

Fabio: My hair has been a big part of my career so I have always taken good care of it.

My top tips are that while products are important, so is your diet as your skin and hair will naturally look better if you are healthy. For me, I eat a lot of protein and minerals and I take supplements such as Biotin which is great for hair. I also make sure I get a good nights sleep, drink plenty of water and I don’t get too much sun.

When washing my hair, I always use conditioner sparingly. Never over condition your hair, it makes it look greasy and flat. Also try to avoid appliances that can burn and dry your hair such as a hair dryer or straightener best you can.

Now to the products, I am a big fan of natural ingredients that are extremely effective.

It’s important to know that what you put on your hair and skin absorbs into your skin so it is important to be picky with the ingredients you choose, but you also want ones that are effective and actually work.

I have recently launched my own grooming line in partnership with two Aussies that contains some of my favourite ingredients from Australia that work really well. One of the ingredients that I love in our haircare line is Cool Menthol which regulates oil production, removes dandruff build up and encourages the growth of longer, stronger hair. I also only condition my hair sparingly and I don’t wash my hair daily.

As men don’t often get spoilt when it comes to grooming products unless they are purchasing cologne, we have designed to make the product an experience. The packaging feels like you are opening a Rolex and the Aston James ange (paying homage to Aston Martin and James Bond) is a sophisticated product and an experience to unpack.

Fabio on beach.


What are some grooming principles you’ve always lived by?

Less is more: make sure you have shampoo and conditioner that works, use conditioner sparingly, have some good grooming products such as oils and moisturisers that work too. The key with men is that we don’t want to be held up for too long, that’s why our products must be good so our routine does not take too long

Use effective ingredients: what is the point of using something that does not work? Try a few things, do your research on key ingredients, don’t be afraid to splurge on something that gets results so you don’t need to correct things later

Take care of yourself: I exercise every day, but I don’t overdo it anymore. In my workouts, I’m more about less weight and more reps these days. Make sure you sleep well, eat well and I don’t drink alcohol either. The better you look and feel naturally, the easier it will be to groom

Trimming and clipping: There is no harm with changing your style up now and then, just know what it is and how best to maintain it. Scheduling in regular appointment to go to the barber is a good idea. Getting a good set of clippers is also great if you are into Manscaping which is popular these days and of course for taking care of your facial hair

Aston James brightening facial mist

What is the one grooming product you couldn’t live without?

As I get older, I look for serums that are so great for boosting hydration in the skin. That’s why we designed the the Aston James AOS night oil serum to included argan oil along with oils from prickly pear and Açai berry infused into it. This combination helps to heal the skin, protect it and nourish it and it is such as easy step in your nighttime routine. When I was younger I didn’t pay that much attention to it, but now that I know better I am all about my hydrating moisturising products

What does your current skincare regime look like? How has it changed over time?
My skincare routine is still simple, but I am more careful with the ingredients and products that I choose now as I need to make sure they are effective, whereas years ago

I would just opt for whatever I could find on the go.

If I have just shaven I always use aftershave balm.

In the morning I use day moisturise which is a little lighter .

At night I use the AOS serum, a night moisturise which is a little heavier.

It’s one extra step but still takes next to no time.

What are five of your best grooming tips?

1. Make sure you get a hair cut and have a trim when you need it unless messy is your look.
2. Choose nice ingredients, and not only ones that work but ones that will smell nice when they are applied.
3. Don’t skip moisturising, you will regret it when you are older
4. Wash your hair with nice shampoo, but don’t over condition or you will have heavy, greasy hair that does not look great
5. Don’t be afraid to style your hair a bit and use gels if it is a bit unruly.

Fabio is THE original male supermodel. He is also the co-founder of astonjamesproducts.com.

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