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Popping Pimples on This Part of Your Face Can Kill You

When you kiss your teenage years goodbye, you hope you’re also kissing acne goodbye, too.

Yet still, here you are –  in your 20s or 30s and you’re still having your day ruined by deadly, unexpected pimples.

When it comes to acne, it seems like people have certain spots where they’re more likely to get pimples than others.

For me personally, my acne always seems to appear around my jaw and under my lips but for others, it may be more prevalent on their cheeks, nose or other areas such as their back. 

But while being outrageously satisfying to squeeze, there’s one zone on your body where you should absolutely never touch, no matter how juicy the pimple.

This zone has a name, a name that will probably scare you off ever squeezing pimples in this area again. And that name is…

The deadly triangle.


Pimples on your cheek? Squeeze with the force of a thousand gods. A zit on your forehead? Be relentless. Butt pimples? Whatever – what you do with your butt is up to you.

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But whatever you do, as seen in the picture above, don’t even think about touching pimples in the red triangle of death. We aren’t just telling you this because we like spoiling the fun: popping a pimple in this area could literally kill you.

For real? Yes, for real. According to the journal Annals of Surgery: Infections of the Dangerous Areas of the Face, blood vessels in this area of the face drain to the back of your head, meaning if you squeeze a pimple in this triangle and it happens to get infected, it can result in things like meningitis, loss of vision, a brain abscess and even death. 

The best way to deal with pimples in this area is with good old steam: stand in a steamy shower or apply a hot washcloth to the affected area to open up the pore. 

By Mens Health Staff

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